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Warranty Period is dependant on the age of the Caravan.
All Caravans have a 3 month warranty. Unless otherwise agreed at the time of purchase and stated on the sale invoice.
Caravan Imports NZ Limited is the registered legal owner of all Caravans offered for sale by Caravan Imports NZ Limited in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. All Caravans are sold in good faith with Clear title.

Leaks: Water ingress on any permanent sealed joint being part of the Manufacturers original specification. (Excluding damage caused by user or any third party)
Auxiliary Electric: Main hook-up input connector, ELCB, battery charger and distribution unit. Battery if new.
Fridge: Electric element, gas burner, flame failure device.
Cassette Toilet, (excluding, seat and seals)
Cooker: Burners, grill, oven, hob, flame failure device. (Excluding glass components)
Heating System: Thermostat, fan, switches, control unit, gas heater, flame failure device, electric heater
Water System: Water heater, gas and electric systems.

Specific exclusions: Structural degradation or other damage caused by water ingress through non-permanently sealed seams or joints (such as, without limitation, around windows, hatches, doors and roof lights). Tyres, glass, paint, bright work and all similar trim and finish, soft furnishings and carpet, floor coverings, work surfaces and similar décor, furniture, windows (excluding separation) and window catches, stays and doors, roof lights, any type of light bulb or fuse, shower trays, A frame cover and wheel spats, panel oxidation, air conditioning units, alarm systems, entertainment equipment, microwaves, any item that is not standard to the caravan. Damage resulting from freezing, fire over-heating, accidents (whether caused by the user or a third party). Damage caused by mould, misuse damage or neglect of any component, cleaning or adjustment of any assemblies. Adjustments to window blinds and fly screens, cosmetic finishes to any surfaces or appliances.
Awnings supplied with the carvan, either new or second hand are light weight and not designed to be left up permanently or in strong winds and severe weather coditions.

Please note. The caravan shall only be used for its ordinary and intended purpose and shall not be subject to any treatment or conditions which could reasonably be foreseen to cause or result in damage to the vehicle or excessive wear and tear. Must only be towed by a private car, (no commercial vehicle) and not be put to hire, reward or any other commercial use, nor used in any race competitions or rallies whether timed official or otherwise. Must be towed with a 50mm high rise tow ball as stated on the invoice.

In the event of a warranty claim the Caravan must be returned to Caravan Imports NZ Limited base for assesment/repair. All parts and labour not covered by the warranty are to be paid for by the owner.